Improv For Business uses IMPROVISATION to enhance oral communication and interaction within companies. Improvisation helps to improve your flow of ideas and teach you how to think quickly on your feet and speak confidently “off-the-cuff.” This helps boost collaboration, open-mindedness, innovation, and creativity. Improvisation also teaches you how to react and adapt in various situations.

What is improvisation and how will it help my company?

Improvisation is an acting technique that enables you to speak and interact with little forethought or preparation time. It allows you to use your thoughts and ideas for spontaneous speech and focus more on the process involved in speech and interactions.

Oral communication is a “process” which requires you to listen to other people’s words and understand their subtext and intent. Through improvisation exercises, you will learn to accept an idea and then build on it to take it further.

Improvisation also improves communication by helping people:

  • Analyze thoughts, ideas, words and/or responses
  • Understand and properly interpret ones intentions
  • Provide feedback
  • React in a way that helps prompt other peoples ideas/thoughts

In order to become an expert in all areas of oral communication, you will learn to

  • Synchronize your verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Read and interpret body language/non-verbal signals
  • Provide both non-verbal cues and verbal responses to improve comfort, listening, brainstorming, communication, and engagement with co-workers and employees

Exercises which involve role playing, word games, and other techniques, will enable you to apply improvisation to your everyday interactions when collaborating with co-workers or presenting ideas for discussion.

Meet Bonnie

Bonnie Laurie

Communications, public speaking and acting coach

Bonnie Laurie achieved her ATCL and LTCL teacher’s diplomas in speech, drama and communication skills from Trinity-Guildhall College (based in England). She also has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto. Since 2000, she has taught acting and communications skills, and has coached people of all ages and backgrounds. Bonnie’s clients have gone on to represent and speak on behalf of many different organizations and foundations.

Bonnie is also the owner of, a speech and drama school for youth.