What our clients have to say

At Improv for Business, we take great pride in the confidence we build within our clients. With this confidence, clients are able to speak more effectively in public and better adapt to changing or unexpected situations. See what our past clients have to say.

In addition to being one of the nicest people that I know, she is an extraordinary motivator. I would not hesitate to recommend Bonnie for all manner of training in speech, confidence building, articulation, and public speaking. It’s been a delightful experience working with her.

B. Simpson, Client

Since Bonnie’s coaching, I have improved in my verbal communication skills. I have now been able to articulate what I want to express and do it in a clear and expressive manner. My performance skills have improved and my personal confidence in my daily life has grown significantly.

S. Lee, Client

I have developed poise and confidence as a speaker. Numerous people have commented on my successful presentations, emphasizing my strong voice, good eye contact and appropriate posture. I have always enjoyed working with Bonnie personally. She creates a very friendly and uninhibited atmosphere.

M. Rotman, Client

I look forward to Bonnie’s coaching because it is a chance to express myself. It has really helped me in communicating my ideas both verbally and visually, using appropriate wording, as well as facial expressions and actions. I have also become more confident when speaking and presenting in front of people; a skill I constantly use.

R. Wong, Client

This is a truly great program for anyone looking to improve his or her confidence and communication skills. When I gained an interest in publicly speaking on behalf of a cause that is dear and near to my heart, I started looking for ways to help me gain confidence and experience in public speaking. Bonnie was really a perfect fit for me. Compared to other programs, it was affordable and well adapted to my needs. The course greatly benefited me, as I relied on the confidence and experience I gained to successfully be featured in many social media and national TV interviews, and encouraged me to broaden my perspective and advocacy interests.

Wahed B., Client